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Individual Relocation & Family Relocation

Whether you’re relocating on your own or with a house full of kids and pets, we offer a whole life/whole family approach to relocation that saves you hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent dealing with dozens of vendors and contacts directly. You don’t need to be a high-profile athlete or a C-suite executive to receive our elite, concierge service. We support every facet of life, for every person in the household, for every type of move.

Neighborhood Guidance

Where should you live in New York City? Our encyclopedic knowledge of the city enables us to quickly match your desired living situation with the ideal New York City neighborhood. We’ve lived in New York for decades, so whether you crave country quiet or middle-of-it-all accessibility, we know the New York neighborhood for you.

Housing Selection

Short-term or long-term, furnished or unfurnished, one bedroom or five — we have access to an immense database of homes ready to meet your needs. As licensed real estate brokers, our services can grow to meet your needs over time as well.

Moving & Packing Services

You won’t need to lift a finger when our expert team orchestrates every aspect of your move. From packing, moving and shipping your household items and automobiles to securing passage for your family members and pets, we’ll make sure everything arrives safely and securely.

Making a Home

Let the Ian Peters Agency help you create your New York City home sweet home with our vast database of contacts. We know the city’s best designers and decorators and will happily guide you to the best shops for furniture, housewares and linens. Utilities are a snap when you have technicians from every major utility company, cable provider and ISP on speed dial, and we do. Whatever you need to feather your nest and settle in, our full-service team is happy to provide.

Household Staff & Services

For more than 20 years, we’ve been building an impressive database of devoted, fully vetted household staff and service providers that will make your life in New York City effortless and enjoyable. Let us connect you with nannies, babysitters and tutors for the children, or pet sitters, dog walkers and veterinarians for your furry family members. We can also connect you with live-in or live-out housekeepers, drivers and security detail.


New York City has a reputation for its fiercely competitive elite schools, so an inside connection with expertise in the application and acceptance process is crucial. That’s where the Ian Peters Agency comes in. We know the best schools in the city, and more importantly, we know how to get in. If family members need assistance with college and university selection, we do that too!

Employment Support

Finding the perfect job in New York City takes equal parts skill, connections and luck, and we can help on at least two of those fronts. Let us connect you, your spouse or significant other with the best headhunters and executive search firms in the city, and take advantage of support in the form of resume writing and interview prep services.


Will you need a car in the city or are you looking forward to becoming an expert in the city’s bus and subways? Whether you want help mastering the rails or require an automobile, we can help meet every transportation need. We’re happy to arrange the shipment of your own car or facilitate the lease or purchase of a new vehicle. Need help with registration, insurance or transferring your driver’s license? We do that. And don’t forget parking. Let us find the most convenient spot at the best price.

Beauty, Health & Wellness

Dermatologist, pediatrician, dentist, yoga studio, health club, manicurist, hair stylist, masseuse … the idea of securing a whole new army of beauty, health and wellness service providers can seem daunting in a new city. Forget Yelp! With the Ian Peters Agency team on your side, you’re just one phone call away from the best advice and rolodex of contacts in the city. And, if you need assistance with securing medical or dental insurance coverage, we’ve got the contacts for that too.

Lifestyle Support & Guidance

Don’t let your time in New York City go by without taking full advantage of its truly unbeatable recreation, arts & culture, and social opportunities. We know finding your niche in a new city can be tough, but we’re here to help. Maybe community involvement or philanthropic endeavors are the gateway to great experiences and new friends. We excel at creating fantastic recreational outings both in and out of the city, and we can connect you with all the best sports leagues. From performing arts to visual arts, you won’t want to miss the city’s great museums, ballet, opera and stage performances, and we’re your first-call resource for tickets and tours.

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