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As Corporate Relocation experts in NYC, we know that few things move as fast as New York City business. We understand the needs and timelines of executives moving for work, and more importantly, we know you need to hit the ground running.

Our Corporate Relocation Team is skilled at working directly with executives or alongside corporate HR departments and are available to assist in any capacity, large or small. Not only that, but we excel at covering the details that others might overlook. Need Wi-Fi service and a complete home office set up the moment your red eye flight lands? It’s handled. Do you require daily car service to the office? We have dozens on speed dial. Need a reservation at the hottest restaurant to impress the new bosses? We do that too.

Plus, our whole life/whole family approach to corporate relocation means our services address each facet of your lifestyle and the needs of each family member.

Neighborhood Guidance

Where should you live in New York City? Near the office or near public transportation? Our encyclopedic knowledge of the city enables us to quickly select the ideal New York City neighborhood for you, even if you’re thousands of miles away. We’re skilled real estate matchmakers and experts at discerning the perfect fit.

Housing Selection

High-rise one-bedroom or five-bedroom townhouse? Temporary housing or long-term rental? Furnished or unfurnished? Your needs are our command, and as licensed real estate brokers, we have access to every rental property and listing in the city, which means our services can grow to meet your changing needs.

Moving & Packing Services

Let our expert relocation team help with every step of your move. From securing careful packing and moving services, to shipping your automobiles, to finding the safest way to transport your pets, we’ll make sure everything you need to make New York City your new home arrives safely and quickly.

Making a Home

A house (or apartment) doesn’t feel like home without a little effort. Let us know if you require the help of a decorator or designer; fully vetted staff for housekeeping, childcare, pet sitting and dog walking; or anything else that will help you settle in. We have direct connections at every major utility, cable company and ISP to make sure the cable’s on and the Wi-Fi working the moment your step over the threshold.

Family Support & Transition

We know that the ability to relocate your family with as little disruption as possible was likely a deciding factor in your relocation. That’s why we offer an extensive roster of relocation family support services. From school selection support to employment services, we’re here to ensure New York City is a success for everyone involved.

Life Outside the Office

You know what they say about all work and no play. With a firm belief in providing whole life support, The Ian Peters Agency Relocation Team is here to help with a full roster of lifestyle offerings, including beauty, health and wellness services; recreation and social activities; as well as arts and cultural events.

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